can help by providing an independent, private and affordable service that’s quickly available to you – without having to go on a waiting list. I’ll look with you at how you’re feeling, the situation you’re currently facing, and how you’d prefer it to be. Then we’ll work together to find a way to reach this goal. While we can’t always make things perfect, it’s usually possible to improve on any current situation, and make it more manageable.

I have a diploma in Integrative Counselling, and work in an integrative way. I am also an accredited counsellor. This allows me to tailor my approach to suit your individual needs, using a fusion of different skills that will help us to see the whole picture. I’m a member of the British Assocation of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work according to their code of ethics.

I’m also a member of BACP Coaching. I’ve worked as a counsellor at MIND dealing with most mental health issues. I’m also a counsellor for GP surgeries. I’m a sports ‘MIND’ therapist, working with the mental side of sport to improve mental attitude. I’m on the Counselling Directory and a member of BACP Coaching. My training includes: NHS training, NHS diploma in Integrative Counselling, person Centred Counselling, Solution Focused Therapy, Humanistic and Existential Therapy, Mindfulness and CBT.

My practice is confidential and non-judgemental, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race or religion.

My counselling advice has been featured in a number of national publications. Take a look at a selection of them here…


As a Lifestyle coach, I will help you to overcome obstacles in your life that hold you back. Don’t settle for anything less. I will help with strategies to help you transform your life on your terms.

If you want to take your life to the next level but you feel stuck it’s vital to work with a coaching programme that works for you. Learn to understand the beliefs that are holding you back. Learn how to feel empowered by changing them.

I will take you on a personal journey to help you build a new life beyond your wildest dreams. As well as a coach I am a trained accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist. So, if you are stuck at a deeper level I will be able to help you get to the route problem enabling yourself freedom and movement to move you forward. I can help with depression, addictions, OCD, panic attacks, anxiety and many more.

I will help you to stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve. I will be asking questions that you will need to take ownership of. I will give you time to really think about what you need to transform your life. You will have awareness maybe for the first time on what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Giving you self-belief, self-love and motivation that give you a new energy that others will notice.

Sometimes in life, we lose our identity, especially for some woman who have children and decide to stay at home or work long hours and juggle life. Bringing up children can be very difficult at times and before we know it 10 years have passed, and we find we are a shadow of who we were. I work with Mums who are desperate to find themselves again. I often hear the words guilty, meltdown, bored, relentless, tired. I offer a deep cleanse of the mind for Mums. A wellbeing packages.

Loss of a relationship or death is another challenging time for us. Let’s be honest not any of us will escape the death of a loved one. When it hits it can hit us very hard? After a few months, everyone is thinking that we are over it when the grieving process might have just begun. The death of my Dad 25 years ago took me to where I am today as my Dads death knocked me for six. I offer a 6-week loss package I supply plenty of tissues for this one.

I will be asking as a Lifestyle Coach, let’s start reinventing this new empowered motivated person. By taking away all the blocks you have acquired since birth, this work is normally always a cleansing process.

In the past I have had three practices, two in Kent and one in Harley Street, I have tailored it down to one in Kent, but my work isn’t always done in my consulting room, you will often find me travelling to client’s homes or having lunch in a pub with them, I have even been shopping with them as they enter on their reinventing journey.
I have worked with many people from different backgrounds. Some rich, famous and poor. I am always researching what makes people tick and how they become who they are. My work has enabled me to understand people from all walks of life. I have written in numerous magazine and papers. I have also written a children’s fantasy book called Toby’s Diary which has an element of looking at the positive rather than the negative.