Price: £50 per hour. Couples: £70 per hour. Family £70 per hour. 

Pay for 6 sessions in advance and get the 7th free. 

Because of busy lifestyles and working hours, I also offer Skype or FaceTime sessions. Please enquire here

Many of us can suddenly find ourselves, through no fault of our own, in a new and worrying frame of mind. I help people with a wide range of issues, from anxiety and depression to bereavement, eating disorders, family or relationship problems, assertiveness, loss of purpose, stress at work, panic attacks and many others.

Professional counselling can help make a positive change to your perspective, attitude and expectations – so you can alter your experience and make life feel better again.

If anything I’ve mentioned on here sounds like something you may be suffering with, please get in touch. We can discuss whether a psychotherapist approach might work for you. Please call me on 07903752248 or email

Counselling Coach

6 weeks one-hour sessions

During this time, I work intensely on the mindset and problematic thinking. After a lot of research, I have written a program that enables clear vision, goals and areas of focus and self-awareness. I believe this course will be a life-changing experience. Expect to be challenged. As a counsellor, I can help look at the areas that are keeping you stuck. As a coach I can help move you forward. By putting them together the outcome will be a better understanding of yourself, giving you a mental health detox and clarity on your wellbeing.

This short course will help you move on from an unhelpful mindset which will enable you a better lifestyle.

Cost £360. Please call me on 07903752248 or email to find out more information.