Life coaching is becoming an increasingly popular way to work collaboratively on your goals. We live in a fast moving world, and it’s not always possible for you to meet your therapist once per week. You can now connect to me from all over the world via Skype, FaceTime and even WhatsApp.

One to one Life Coaching cost is £60 an hour. If you pay in advance I give the 7th session free.

Executive Package

This package suits the busy entrepreneur who’d like their therapist on hand to help them through difficult life decisions. It’s also a great option for people in demanding jobs, particularly jobs where travel is required, as we can connect anywhere in the world.

The executive package includes; 4x 1 hour sessions (face-to-face or via Skype or FaceTime) per month, daily email support (one email per day) plus 4x 30 minute phone chats per month to check on your progress.

Price: £500 per month.

What is life coaching?

As a life coach I can help you to clarify your goals, and make the changes you want to see in your life. I can also help you explore what would give your life more joy and meaning. We’ll work together in a safe and non- judgemental space where you can investigate your current values, beliefs and perceptions about yourself and the world.

As this process unfolds, people often become more aware of their options and choices, and any limiting beliefs that might be holding them back from fulfilling your potential. As well as talking I can also work with body awareness and symptoms, breathing, meditation, dreams, creative visualisation, art therapy and other approaches.

If you’d like to gain a better work/life balance, or work together to plan areas for improvement, please call me on 07903752248 or email